***Winner of the 2017 Semester Monash University Industrial Experience Expo***

This project is an ASP.NET project that provides the user the ability to check what the average wage for a selected occupation, gender, and professional level.  The website also gives ways to improve, including:

  • Data visualization regarding industry trends
  • A list of short/online courses
  • The average salaries for the top 10 suburbs (nationally and state)
  • Resume and negotiation tips
    Current Build:
  1. First Iteration
    • Designed the star schema and the creation SQL scripts for the data warehouse.
    • From the database generated the models, views, and controllers.
    • Wrote the C# code to extend the auto-generated controllers.
  2. Second Iteration
    • Redesigned the wage checker to meet design specifications.
  3. Third Iteration
    • Developed the JavaScript code that interacts with the Google maps API and dynamically places markers based on user inputs.


Closed source – Monash University is the maintainer (gail.bourne@monash.edu)
Future Iterations:

  • Adding a automatic resume generator based on user inputs.
  • A BBS board that will allow users to post their experiences.
  • A language translator that will translate the site into multiple languages.

Contributing Members:

  • Jeffrey Middendorf (MVC design, Data warehouse design, C#, JavaScript)
  • ShanShan Liu (UI, UX, CSS, HTML)
  • Naijin Lu (Data Analytics, Server Maintenance, Data sourcing, Tableau)
  • Shao Ma (Report writing, security, testing, product videos)


This a text-based version of HASBRO’s Battleship game. The user can choose one or two players. The player then sets up their ships on the game board. The players take turns firing at the opposing person’s ship. The computer will automatically take the shot for one player. This will continue until the all the ships are sunk.
Current Build:

  • Developed the board model and game controller to display the model.
  • Create a method that allows a player to place ships on the board checking to make sure that their is no overlap.
  • Designed a method that automatically assigns the computer ships to the board.
  • Implemented the ability to take a shot at the opposing player’s ships.


Future Iterations:

  • Implement server socket communication to allow two players to play from different machines.
  • Update the the computer’s automated turn to take into account prior shots and not completely random.
  • Include a login to track a player’s habits over time.

Flight Simulator

This project is a flight simulator that tracks three separate flights in progress.  The user can update the altitude, direction, destination, and air speed of all three flights.
Current Build:

  • Tracks three flights.
  • Change all attribute of the flights.


Future Iterations:

  • No future iterations planned

Checking Account

This project is a simple checking account.  It allows for deposits and withdraws for a single user.  There is also a lockout process for three wrong login attempts.
Current Build:

  • Create a deposit function
  • Implement a withdraw process
  • Register a new user
  • Lockout after three failed logins


Future Iterations:

  • Persistence to keep user detail across program runs.