***Winner of the 2017 Semester Monash University Industrial Experience Expo*** Description: This project is an ASP.NET project that provides the user the ability to check what the average wage for a selected occupation, gender, and professional level.  The website also gives ways to improve, including: Data visualization regarding industry trends A list of short/online coursesContinue reading “WeCheckSalary”

Flight Simulator

Description: This project is a flight simulator that tracks three separate flights in progress.  The user can update the altitude, direction, destination, and air speed of all three flights. Current Build: Tracks three flights. Change all attribute of the flights. Preview: Source: https://github.com/jmiddendo/CPlusPlusExamples/tree/master/FlightSimulator Future Iterations: No future iterations planned

Checking Account

Description: This project is a simple checking account.  It allows for deposits and withdraws for a single user.  There is also a lockout process for three wrong login attempts. Current Build: Create a deposit function Implement a withdraw process Register a new user Lockout after three failed logins Preview: Source: https://github.com/jmiddendo/CPlusPlusExamples/tree/master/CheckingAccount Future Iterations: Persistence toContinue reading “Checking Account”