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Description: This is a vulnerability scanner and exploiter. that will scanner that will scan a machine for open ports, check the banner against a list of known vulnerabilities, and give the option to launch to exploit the vulnerability. This is based on a combination of the vulnerability scanner from the Violent Python book and myContinue reading “VulnEx”


***Winner of the 2017 Semester Monash University Industrial Experience Expo*** Description: This project is an ASP.NET project that provides the user the ability to check what the average wage for a selected occupation, gender, and professional level.  The website also gives ways to improve, including: Data visualization regarding industry trends A list of short/online coursesContinue reading “WeCheckSalary”

Average Aussie Banking System (EJB)

Description: This project is the implementation of the remote interfaces to provide session beans for the Average Aussie Banking System.  This means that this project contains class that implement all of the business logic for the system.  It also uses a container managed entity manager to implement persistence. Current Build: First Iteration Implements a @RemoteContinue reading “Average Aussie Banking System (EJB)”

Average Aussie Banking System (Web Client)

Description: This project is web application using JavaServer Faces (JSF) to serve as the front-end to the Average Aussie Banking System.  The application provides form-based authentication as the security.  Once authenticated, employees can manage the users in the system.  The customer can update their details and add transactions. Current Build: First Iteration Adds functionality toContinue reading “Average Aussie Banking System (Web Client)”

WordPress e-Portfolio

Description: This project is a WordPress website that will be used to demonstrate projects that I worked on with a little more information like description, work completed and technologies used so far, a gallery of screen-prints, a link to the version control repository (if applicable), and future iterations. Current Build: Set up a Linux ApacheContinue reading “WordPress e-Portfolio”

Hotel Broker System Using Java Socket Message Passing

Description: This project is a hotel broker system that accepts communications from a client.  The client can  request information about what area and hotels the broker services and submit booking information.  The broker accepts the request and queries the appropriate hotel to process the request.  The hotel communicates with the database and responds to theContinue reading “Hotel Broker System Using Java Socket Message Passing”


Description: This a text-based version of HASBRO’s Battleship game. The user can choose one or two players. The player then sets up their ships on the game board. The players take turns firing at the opposing person’s ship. The computer will automatically take the shot for one player. This will continue until the all theContinue reading “Battleship”

Tic Tac Toe

Description: This project is a Tic Tac Toe game that accepts a user input on a game board and continues until all squares are full or a user gets three in a row. Current Build: Holds a game board model. Provides an interface to accept user input. Analyze board to determine winner. Preview: Source: https://github.com/jmiddendo/PythonSamplesContinue reading “Tic Tac Toe”


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