***Winner of the 2017 Semester Monash University Industrial Experience Expo***

This project is an ASP.NET project that provides the user the ability to check what the average wage for a selected occupation, gender, and professional level.  The website also gives ways to improve, including:

  • Data visualization regarding industry trends
  • A list of short/online courses
  • The average salaries for the top 10 suburbs (nationally and state)
  • Resume and negotiation tips
    Current Build:
  1. First Iteration
    • Designed the star schema and the creation SQL scripts for the data warehouse.
    • From the database generated the models, views, and controllers.
    • Wrote the C# code to extend the auto-generated controllers.
  2. Second Iteration
    • Redesigned the wage checker to meet design specifications.
  3. Third Iteration
    • Developed the JavaScript code that interacts with the Google maps API and dynamically places markers based on user inputs.


Closed source – Monash University is the maintainer (gail.bourne@monash.edu)
Future Iterations:

  • Adding a automatic resume generator based on user inputs.
  • A BBS board that will allow users to post their experiences.
  • A language translator that will translate the site into multiple languages.

Contributing Members:

  • Jeffrey Middendorf (MVC design, Data warehouse design, C#, JavaScript)
  • ShanShan Liu (UI, UX, CSS, HTML)
  • Naijin Lu (Data Analytics, Server Maintenance, Data sourcing, Tableau)
  • Shao Ma (Report writing, security, testing, product videos)