Average Aussie Banking System (Swing)

This project is Swing implementation of the Average Aussie Banking project.  This provides full create, read, update, and delete functionalities for the users of the system.  There is a search feature that searches the database based on id, first name, last name, email, and type including partial “%like%” searches.  It also has a feature to test the REST server.
Current Build:

  1. Third iteration
    • Created the layout of the graphical user interface (GUI) and add all of the components to the layouts.
    • Created a controller class that implements that implements action listener.
    • Add listeners and action events to the appropriate components.
    • Provided the methods that invoke the EJB to provide the required functionality.


Future Iterations:

  • Add the ability to add a transaction to the system.
  • Add a login to provide security.