Average Aussie Banking System (EJB)

This project is the implementation of the remote interfaces to provide session beans for the Average Aussie Banking System.  This means that this project contains class that implement all of the business logic for the system.  It also uses a container managed entity manager to implement persistence.
Current Build:

  1. First Iteration
    • Implements a @Remote EJB that manages the BankingTransaction entities in the databases.
    • Adds functionality the provides create, read, user, and delete functionality to the class.
    • Provides search functionalities.
  2. Second Iteration
    • Implements @Remote EJB for BankUser and Account entities with full CRUD and search capabilities.
  3. Third Iteration
    • Creates an EJB to consume the REST server for the system.



Future Iterations:

  • Add functionality to search by all available attributes.