Average Aussie Banking System (Web Client)

This project is web application using JavaServer Faces (JSF) to serve as the front-end to the Average Aussie Banking System.  The application provides form-based authentication as the security.  Once authenticated, employees can manage the users in the system.  The customer can update their details and add transactions.
Current Build:

  1. First Iteration
    • Adds functionality to search the transactions by id, name, or type.
  2.  Second Iteration
    • Adds create, read, update, and delete functionality for the BankUser entities.
    • Adds the ability to add a BankTransaction.
    • Add the ability for a customer to update their own profile.
  3. Third Iteration
    • Add form-based authentication using the JAAS API java security.
    • Added the ability to transfer to other customers and not just between their own accounts.
    • Added the ability to search for a user based on id, first name, last name, type, and email using “%like%.”


Future Iterations:

  • Create an AngularJS implementation for the system.
  • Add the ability to create accounts.

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