Hotel Broker System Using Java Socket Message Passing

This project is a hotel broker system that accepts communications from a client.  The client can  request information about what area and hotels the broker services and submit booking information.  The broker accepts the request and queries the appropriate hotel to process the request.  The hotel communicates with the database and responds to the broker.  The broker returns the response back to the client.
Current Build:

  1. First Iteration
    • Created a protocol to standardize communication between the network tiers.
    • Developed a hotel broker that establishes a socket that listens for a client.
    • Created a client that passes messages to the broker.
  2. Second Iteration
    • Designed a database that houses the database that the broker queries.
  3. Third Iteration
    • Programmed a hotel server that queries the database.
    • Updated the broker to serve as the client for the new hotel server.



Future Iterations:

  • Full create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) functionalities for the client.
  • A login to identify the client communicating.
  • Security to protect the payment information.