This a text-based version of HASBRO’s Battleship game. The user can choose one or two players. The player then sets up their ships on the game board. The players take turns firing at the opposing person’s ship. The computer will automatically take the shot for one player. This will continue until the all the ships are sunk.
Current Build:

  • Developed the board model and game controller to display the model.
  • Create a method that allows a player to place ships on the board checking to make sure that their is no overlap.
  • Designed a method that automatically assigns the computer ships to the board.
  • Implemented the ability to take a shot at the opposing player’s ships.


Future Iterations:

  • Implement server socket communication to allow two players to play from different machines.
  • Update the the computer’s automated turn to take into account prior shots and not completely random.
  • Include a login to track a player’s habits over time.